dCODA specialise in innovative web design, graphic design and anything else that sits around digital marketing.

From our high-tech but picturesque base in Derbyshire we work with businesses on all scales and in all locations, ranging from small startups to multinational companies.

Some demonstrations of our work can be found on this website, but that's only half the story - we also produce "white-label" work for other creative agencies.

Want to find out more? Have a look round the site and if you have any questions please give us a call on 01246 769 440 or email us info@d-coda.com

Our Blog

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

23 Dec 2015

We have had a wonderful year and we are all ready to spend some quality time with our family and our friends. It is the time to reflect on the values...

By: Tom Cox | Category: Blog

Back to School

04 Nov 2015

My daughter's class at school were doing a web design project last week. When I was her age a lot of people didn't even have a colour television (and...

By: Andy Oakey | Category: Blog

XCART Modules

13 Feb 2014

After requiring the facility of housing a custom slideshow on an XCART project we came to the conclusion that there just did not seem to a decent modu...

By: Tom Cox | Category: Software

Latest News

Prince Philip House Launches March Newsletter

01 Apr 2014

Prince Philip House house make it their mission to engage with their clients which gives them the ability to be able to also market to their clients w...
Vote for your favourite Yorkshire Attraction!

15 Jul 2013

Yorkshire Magnificent Attractions are once again switching on there voting pole created by us to find out which attraction in Yorkshire will be crowne...
dCODA Sponsors Euan Wilson Racing

12 Jun 2013

We work around the clock on all types of projects and it is with our greatest pleasure to be sponsoring Euan Wilson Racing. Euan Wilson who is aged 13...

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