Mobile Apps

Applications are all the rage with the growing age of the smart phone. Applications are great as they can work on the phone even if the device is not connected to the internet (Depending if the app relies on an external data source). So why would you need an app? Well an app should focus on a specific task and something useful at that. We see so often now that companies just replicate websites and that is completely defeating the object of an app, as an app is not suppose to duplicate the job of a website.

So what should you think about if you are considering having an app developed? We follow these key steps which bring purpose to an app and users downloading the app will actually find the app useful:-

1) Ensure the app is not doing the same job as a website
2) Ensure the app is useful for a specific task
3) Ensure the app does not duplicate what the phone already does,
4) Ensure the app is user friendly and fast
5) Ensure the design is intelligent
6) And finally ensure the app is well planned – We recommend wireframing!

So if you are interested in having an app developed and you agree with us that the above 6 points above are key to building a successful app. Then jump on board with us as we develop apps for the iPhone and Android.

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