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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

23 Dec 2015

We have had a wonderful year and we are all ready to spend some quality time with our family and our friends. It is the time to reflect on the values we share with the people we hold dearly to our hearts. So to keep you in the loop with what are plans are if you have not received the email update please read on.

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Back to School

04 Nov 2015

My daughter's class at school were doing a web design project last week. When I was her age a lot of people didn't even have a colour television (and if they did, they only had three channels to watch), so the thought of a bunch of ten and eleven year-olds creating websites was a bit of an eyeopener. We've done web projects and design masterclasses with A-level and GCSE students before but, speaking to the teachers, the age of being web-aware and coding is being pushed down and down. In a few years what we do will be happening in primary classrooms - a far cry from the self-taught bumbling about we went though in the 90s when it all started happening.

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XCART Modules

13 Feb 2014

After requiring the facility of housing a custom slideshow on an XCART project we came to the conclusion that there just did not seem to a decent module free or paid for. So with that conclusion in mind we thought it would be great idea to come up with our own and note down the steps we took to make it happen. Eventually will be moving our XCART modules into a self installer to care of all the steps, but it is useful to note down the steps involved for us and anyone interested in how XCART modules can be produced from scratch.

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What are we doing for the Festive Period?

19 Dec 2013

It has come to that time where we all begin to wind down in the Christmas and the New Year cheer. Below we have issued the dates we will be closed to "General" business. We however are still contactable in case of emergency, if you have not been given the access to our support system which allows support tickets to be submitted please contact our team today on 01246 278085 and we can sign you up and give you the relevant access for this.

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Our clients benefit from Google PageSpeed

05 Nov 2013

With all our websites it is imperative that not only should a website look and perform well, speed is a key factor in any of our builds. Speed is not always determined on how well a website is put together but the technologies used behind the scenes is becoming a real factor on high-end websites that perform multiple functions and processes.

Posted by: Tom Cox | Category: Server Technologies

Why Crontab is so useful!

15 Jul 2013

I often use Crontab for various tasks within dCODA and so here is a little write up about it.

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Creating the correct solution

08 Jul 2013

When developing website, systems, apps, etc. we follow something called a development life cycle. A development life cycle is an on-going process that goes through many different stages:

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Talking Telephone Numbers

03 Jul 2013

Here's something that puzzled me recently. Working on a site that had a slightly (but not very) customised WordPress theme, I noticed the iPhone was not showing a title in the correct colour and font size. I knew from long ago that there would be a few special @media lines in the CSS to boost type sizes for better readability on small phone displays (this once destroyed a menu on a client's phone but nowhere else...but it was in the infancy of the iPhone when nobody could afford one to test things out on). However, there was no WebKit specific CSS that could have been affecting this particular line of <h3> text in this case, no special styles, no @medias, no !important;s overriding anything. Nothing at all.

Posted by: Andy Oakey | Category: HTML and CSS

TinyMCE Image Browser

03 Jul 2013

After shimmying around the web trying to find a nice Image Browser for our CMS it became apparent that there was not really any plug-ins that suited our needs. We already have systems to upload and edit images, but we needed away to select them in TinyMCE and insert them into the content. So I took it on myself to write a plug-in, which we have named dBROWSER.

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The Perfect Virtual Tour

03 Jul 2013

Here at dCODA we have knowledge in a diverse range of specialist software. Today we have been working in the area of interactive tours. These are on-screen tours of your building and really help your clients/customers get a feel for your company before even entering it. (need to know more about virtual tours? Click Here!)

Posted by: Phillip Lynas | Category: Marketing

WordPress FTP Settings

01 Jul 2013

When setting up WordPress on your server you may notice the first time you go to install a plugin you are faced with FTP settings. So you go to enter your settings and you find that even when entering the correct settings letter by letter WordPress states that the username and password to login by FTP is incorrect. This can be puzzling so this is a quick blog post to go over what the actual solution this is mainly for us to refer back too.

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What a website wants

27 Jun 2013

We often get asked to explain the different elements involved with hosting websites and email. In truth, trying to give a jargon-free answer is difficult as it's all about technology. At the other end of the spectrum, we don't want to patronise clients by assuming they are totally ignorant and give quick "hand-waving" explanations hoping that that will be enough.

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Mobile Technology vs Websites!

21 May 2013

“It is not surprising that people on the everyday move are accessing the World Wide Web by their handheld devices, such as a Mobile Phone or a Tablet. In fact according to this article by the Guardian – 7 Feb 2013 - Mobile internet devices ‘will outnumber humans this year’” -

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Plan your website

06 Apr 2013

For any website that is created it is vital to understand what the purpose of the website is actually for. Is it to advertise your services or products maybe? To sell products, or take bookings?

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