Website Hosting

Hosting is one of the key factors for any website to be reliable and it is vital that a website is hosted in a safe secure environment. We keep our servers in the Sheffield Data Centre with the latest technology residing around our systems to ensure that our uptime is kept to a maximum. We offer hosting to lots of clients across the UK.

As we have full access to our server environment this means we have full control of our systems which can only benefit our clients as the more websites progress the more services the websites require. A lot of the services are locked down by other providers which can only be a bad thing as less functionality is available.

Our servers are backed up on a daily basis for the unlikely event that data becomes corrupt we can simply revert back to a previous point and/or replace the hardware that may have caused a fault. This is a must have service for all companies offering hosting, as loosing data can be very costly to any business! This is why we have the technology in place.

So what extras do you get with our hosting:-

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Webmail [via any browser]
  • Domain name management
  • AWStats (Website Statistics)
  • Telephone technical support during dCODA office hours [and by email after hours]

With out hosting we offer unlimited Email Accounts in our standard POP/SMTP email hosting. Should you require a more advanced email hosting system such as MS Exchange please see our Email Hosting section.

More information about where our servers are kept below (Should you want to know the technical detail!).

Data Centre Specification

Tier: 2
Delivery paths: 2
Redundancy: N+1
Floor loading weight: At least 488kg m^2
Utility voltage: 230VAC three phase, 600A
Availability: 99.8%
Downtime before SLA: 17 hours per annum

Building Specification

Hosting floor space: 1932U of rack space in two halls
Floor: Raised access floor in Hall 1, solid concrete in Hall 2
Layout: "Airlock" from main entrance to data area
Building amenities: Car parking, loading bay (Hall 1), toilets, kitchen / breakout (Hall 2)

Power Specification

Utility supply: On-site YEDL substation direct to grid, 3-phase feed to building
Power: 600A directly connected, additional capacity available
Footprint: Up to 30A per rack
Backup UPS: Independent rack UPS protection for servers and core network
Backup generators: On site 100kVA diesel generator
Fuel supply: 8 hours continuous at 100% with fuel supply arrangements

Environmental Specification

Cooling: Chilled water Evaporative Coolers with balanced ventilation / extraction
Air handling: Hot / cold rack isles with contained hot air extraction
Fire detection: 24x7 off-site monitored smoke / fire detectors
Security: 24x7 off-site monitored Honeywell alarm
Paxton Access control throughout building
Internal and External off-site monitored CCTV
Access: 24 hour access available (for full/half rack customers)
Monitoring: 24x7 internal and external monitoring of building + infrastructure with automatic out of hours callout

Network Specification

Providers: Fibre (Sheffield Mosborough)
Virgin Media Fibre (Sheffield Chippingham)
Core networking: Redundant Cisco & ZyXEL switches, active / passive site edge routers with HSRP failover
Equipment networking: Cisco access switches, 100Mbit to the server, redundant switch ports available