Graphic Design

It's often said that good design isn't noticed, only bad design. Well, that's often the case but we don't quite agree. A bit of extra care about the presentation of your company's image can give you an effective edge and make you more noticeable than your peers.

Graphic design is in your business whether you want it or not. Your logo, your stationery, your vehicles, your sign, your why not get it right? It's how you push your brand out into the world and a way for clients to gauge your business' "personality" before they even decide to contact you. A good brand backed up by proper and consistant usage is a marketing tool that goes out and works for you all by itself 24 hours a day.

It's frightening how little priority some organisations give their image, handling the design of their logo to a printer or signwriter or their website to an IT consultant. Obviously, living and breathing design we notice these things more than "normal" people, but it does have an effect on everybody. A shoddy, inconsistent image can put people off without them even knowing why. How you care for your own brand is a sign of how you will care for your clients.

We could do a list of services we offer here (brochures, photo retouching, illustration, blah, blah) but it should be taken for granted that we can undertake anything your business needs visually, be it working within your established style guidelines, or creating a brand from scratch.

In pixels or in print - we're here to make you look good.