The brand isn’t just a logo, a symbol or the company name. It’s what appears in the head of your customer when they think of your business. It is a look, a feel, a colour, smell, taste, a memory of the service they have received. You can control this.

Branding is so often mixed up with logo design but it's so much more than that. A great logo is is supremely important, but its creation is just one of the visible results of a process that involves looking into the very heart of the business and its strategies for now and the future.

As the spearhead of your brand the logo is, of course, vitally important but we also need to look at a whole range of other customer-affecting items such as your choice of packaging materials, staff uniforms, colour schemes, signage and decoration of retail outlets. How you lay out documents (both for internal and external distribution), the choice of photography style for your website...all subtle and un-noticed until you get it wrong. A casual viewer or customer won't instantly know that you've used a slightly different typeface in one of your letters or put a colour photograph on your website when your usual style is to use black and white. However it all adds up to a general, intangible air of inconsistency. Nobody will dump you for another supplier for any of these misdemeanours, but it might make the difference when seeking new clients and you are pitched against a competitor who has this all nailed down. They'll just look like they pay more attention to details.

A firm idea of how the outside world should see your company will ensure consistency and maintain quality and, importantly, the appearance of quality in your products and services. It presents a united front in the campaign against your competitors and makes you look like you care about your business - a good indicator that you'll have the same regard for your clients or customers. This process probably already happens constantly in your business. If you create a product, the same plans and working practices are always followed and quality control is applied to make sure your products are delivered consistently. Customers would notice any changes or drop in quality. The same kind of control needs to be applied to the company’s image.

A strict brand also speeds up marketing and promotion. If you have a clear set of rules on how to present your logo, what colours to use in your documents, how to portray your product photography, etc. your printed and online design will become easier - your marketing materials will begin to design themselves and will also continue to be consistent. Part of our branding process is to create a rule book you can refer to when producing new material.

After a branding or rebranding process is complete you will have a consistent, distinct identity to present to your existing and potential customers and something to provide the basis for current and ongoing marketing.

By its nature branding work is always completely bespoke. There are no packages or fixed costs as every business is different. Why not get in touch so we can have a chat about it?