We were already graphic and multimedia designers when Tim Berners-Lee was still deciding whether to use the name "Infomation Mesh", "Information Mine" or "WorldWideWeb" for his new internet project. Since then the web has taken over the world in a way nobody could ever have imagined.

We quickly decided we needed to be part of this and turned our existing experience over to designing and building websites using the emerging software and hardware - which, to be honest, wasn't that difficult due to already working with digital media of the time. Today about 90% of our clients requests are to do with websites.

The page you are reading now is the result of a fusion of graphic design, HTML programming, CSS layout, MySQL database access and PHP and JavaScript coding. The best thing is that you don't need to know any of that! Gone are the days of DIY HTML and the MD's nephew running the company website from his bedroom (well, mostly). Companies have realised that their web presence is not just a gimmick but an integral part of their business. The website is now the first point of contact for prospective clients to find out more about your business. Online contact is vital in the dialogue with your customers. It makes sense to leave it to people like us to make the technology work, look brilliant and do its job - whether it be distributing information, selling products or showcasing your work.

You're in Control

Another more subtle revolution that has happened recently is that clients expect to have control over their own websites. This used to be hit-and-miss to say the least, and definitely expensive. These days, pretty much all the sites we produce are content-managed. This means that you are in charge of what goes on your site and when. We'll produce bespoke solutions or can customise off-the shelf packages so you can get on with the important part - keeping your site working for you.

More Than Just a Website

Throw hosting, social media management, email marketing and search engine optimisation into the mix and you have a full set of digital tools to keep your business ahead of the game.

What Next?

Despite all this talk of technology, the first step is for us to understand you, your business and your customers. So if you are thinking about any of the above, just get in touch so we can see how we can work with you. You can call us direct on +44(0) 1246 769 440 or use our contact form here.