Content Managed Websites

Behind all websites built by dCODA is a Content Management System (or CMS). What this means is that you or anyone can update the website with text, photos, videos, audio, documents and any other content you can think of. 

This gives you the power to keep your content up-to-date. Fresh and vibrant content makes your target audience more likely to revisit your website as well as have a big impact on how well search engines like Google favour your site above others.

All of our management systems are password protected to keep your content safe and, if required, can have an administrator-level user who has more powers than the others. This enables the owner to choose what the other content editiors can and can't do so you can delegate wesbsite updating tasks but still have overall contol of what appears on the site.

It's not just public website content, either. A CMS has the capability to be configured as an accounts system, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database or time-and-task project manager.

A website is no longer just a website, a website is a tool to help a business succeed!

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