Why dCODA?

Design and code in perfect harmony!

We love technology, writing code and all the nerdy stuff, but you'll find pencils, scalpels and paintbrushes lying around amongst routers, programming manuals and cameras in our Chesterfield studio.

We're not a coding company - we are a decoding company. We know it's vital to start any project by getting to know the client and (something that often gets overlooked) getting to know their clients.

Teasing out and decoding exactly what a client wants is an art in itself. A short while into a meeting and ideas often start to flow and it's our job to sort out the good from the bad, getting through the noise, unscrambling all the ideas and putting them together into a workable, fantastic looking solution - be it a website, new brand, app, brochure, business card, pack label...or anything else. Somewhere along the way you'll find we've become part of your marketing team.

Our solid background in design across all media allows us to come up with workable ideas quickly. The word "workable" is important. We know what looks good but we also know about old fashioned things like what will print properly and how to create artwork. When it comes to the web we'll not create something spectacular purely to impress clients then scratch our heads trying to to get it to work and end up compromising it. Our designs are informed by the knowledge of the technology we are using. This isn't to say we go for safe designs to make our job easier - we like to push ourselves and the medium we are working in.

If this sounds like your way of working why not get in touch? Or if you're close to Chesterfield just pop round for a cuppa or a stroll round our historic headquarters in the Clocktower!